As I read this chapter of Proverbs, I am taken by one imagery: people are like a peacock boasting if they lack wisdom.

Yes, I know, it might seem a little harsh and maybe even a little mean, but really look at the text: we boast about tomorrow when we do not have any certainty of it, we live for words of praise, the very desire of our heart seeks what is false and runs away from the truth.

The more I read this chapter, again and again, my heart agrees with how fleeting and easy corrupted we are as people. Is it wrong to be praised for something you had done? Is it wrong to seek approval of your work? Is it wrong to seek people in your life? No, the answer is no as long as your heart is in the right place.

What is the right place? The right place is where you know who you are, where you find a balance between praise and rebuke,  a place where you are open to advise just as quick as you are to give advice. The right place is a place where you know your value.

So, what are you worth? Who are you? What do you have left at the end of the day, when the noise has stopped and you find yourself alone with your thoughts and your God?

Today, I pray that each one of us will be able to look in the mirror. As we gaze at that image may we see the beautify that God has placed in our lives but also be ready to clean any schmutz that we see!

Be blessed,

Bo M.