King Lemuel penned these words which his mother taught him.


As a ruler, a king, a sovereign, though you have the authority to, do not ruin your reputation with your liberty to:  1. Dally, flirt, toy, or trifle  with women. 2. Drink wine or strong drink, (beer), for you will be unfit to make solid decisions.  But Do: 1. Open your mouth for the those who have no voice. 2. Judge, as to save, those rights of the afflicted and needy.

A virtuous woman, makes an excellent wife, her worth is indescribable.  1. Her husband works without worry, brings home his pay, lays it on the table and always knows she will not spend it foolishly.  2. She never undermines him, but does good for him always.  3. She is industrious, constantly thinking about her household as a unit unto itself.  4. She is not lazy, or considers herself a princess, she arises early and works with a purpose until dark.  5. She keeps herself healthy and strong.  6. She reaches out to the poor and the needy.  7. Hard times do not bring her any fear for she has prepared for them, knowing that those times are inevitable.  8. Her love for her family is obvious to all whom she encounters, she has the children clean, fed, and trained for good behavior and politeness.  9. In her view there is no better man in all the city than her husband.  10. Again she is industrious and clothes her self with strength and dignity, and welcomes the change that the future will bring.  11. Love, kindness, strength, wisdom, and nobleness are her virtues, the whole city knows it, but mostly her children, and her husband who praises her and blesses her, and thanks God for her every day of his life with her.  12. Beauty comes from deep within, it starts in the heart but can’t be contained there, it spills out in all that you do.

Only God can develop a woman of this type.  I like to think the Samaritan woman at the well, who was, from our understanding, of low self esteem, and dependent upon any mans attention, changed into a woman who like this.  After her encounter with Jesus she ran to the city declaring who she used to be.  “Come see a man who told me all about myself.”  But now there was hope for real change, a new beginning that started with Jesus.  John 4.7-30.  “Old things have passed away, new things have come.” 2 Corinthians 5.17.


P.S. I love my wife.