This chapter of proverbs and wisdom sayings deals mostly with integrity.

Speaking in terms of purity, of undefiled idealism, it is surely God’s sovereign right to conceal anything.  It’s His right to cover any discoverable matter, whether physical or philosophical with shadows, so that they may be discovered, but not with out great effort and learning.  In like manner it is the glory of a true, honorable monarch on earth,  one who truly seeks righteousness, to search out such matters, through not only his own personal disciplines, but also through those learned men in his rule.  No man is an island, that can’t learn from others efforts, and studies.

The integrity of rulers, of  teachers, bosses, government officials, spouses, anyone who makes decisions, affect others in their care, or realm of influence. They are to be without reproach.

If you have a conflict with a neighbor, try to settle it privately without fanfare or threats. By patience and civility, a kind approach and a soft answer, does much more to resolve the matter than anything else.  And you won’t be accused of, or thought of, as to acting the part of a fool.

A simple question asked, or a word of wisdom stated, with the express purpose of keeping a friend from going the wrong direction, or making a grand mistake, is like precious jewelry.  When heeded, those words will be remembered, and treasured for a lifetime.

To show unexpected kindness to, or trust in a troubled, angry person most often results in a mockery of said kindness.  Don’t expect a response of gratitude, you have just exposed to him his weaknesses, and like vinegar and soda, he will get all frothed up.  The LORD knows your heart, He sees your acts of goodness and He rewards.

A righteous person should never quit being good, running away from contentiousness, and evil undermining evaluations of your persona.  The wicked always trample and destroy everything in their path, including the things that are of benefit to them, such as wisdom and good advise.

Overindulging your senses and desires results in overdose.   No one wants to clean up after you.    That goes for overstaying your welcome also, know when it’s time to go home.

No one can stand a liar.  That goes for a con-man, or a junkie, learn to recognize them, and don’t give them the time of day, they’ll rob you.

A kind, uplifting word rewards your heart, but don’t push for more.  It’s not good to receive too much praise, for it builds pride, and you will begin to think too highly of yourself.  Do all your righteousness as to the LORD.