Proverbs 24

Review & Analysis:  Wisdom is presented as a power (vv. 1-12) that saves lives (vv. 1,2), that maintains households (vv. 3,4), that wars as necessary (vv. 5,6cp. Deut. 20:1-5) and is excellent (vv. 7-12) … When I was young, some time ago, an objective most had was to be smart, simply wisdom by another name … I no longer hear this talked about as a living objective … Is it because most believe that our gadgets have supplanted the need for “smarts”? … An aside, Edward Gibbon traced the decline of the Roman Empire and stated near the end that “bizarre behavior passed for sophistication” …  Solomon terms smart, reasoned living as wise … This saying (vv. 13-22) teaches the path to future happiness includes correct discernment (vv. 13, 14) and resisting evil (vv. 15-20) … These two verses (vv. 21, 22) flatly state that YHWH and the king are at the center of a nation … Is YHWH a center of attention in America? … Finally, we have some independent sayings regarding wisdom (vv. 23-34) .. Wisdom distinguishes between innocence and guilt (vv. 23-25) … Truth is likened to a kiss on the lips (v. 26) … There are worse things in this life …   Tend your fields, build your house (v. 27) … Do not lie (v. 28), do not repay evil with evil (v. 29) … The lazy (see Prov. 6:6-11) destroy the household and, coincidentally, serve as an example to the wise (vv. 30-34).