Proverbs 23 (NRSV)

Proverbs 23 (The Message Bible)

Remember the Value of Restraint:

*Be shrewd and savvy when eating with the powerful and influential.

*Be rich in faith, not in things, for riches disappear.

*Avoid the stingy and fools and save your time and wisdom for better people.

*Do not take advantage of the poor and orphans by stealing their land.

*Do the hard work of disciplining your children.

*Do not be envious of the fleeting fortunes of sinners.

*Drink wine but do not be a drunkard.

*Listen to the wisdom of your parents.

*Avoid prostitutes and promiscuous women.

Go for Truth, Wisdom, and Instruction:

*Don’t sell out for the love of money and and false hopes.

*Give your mind, your attention, your focus to instruction, education, knowledge and good judgement.

*Hold on to what is good for your Redeemer is strong.