Proverbs 18

Review & Commentary:  Continuing from the previous chapter (vv. 17:21-18:3) are statements related to wise choices vs. those of a fool … “Deep waters” (vv. 4-5) relate to one’s discernment of life (see Jer. 17:5-10) … At some level, this life is a test … Generally speaking, before there is blessing there is testing … Evil words and deeds come from within (vv. 6-9) … A contrast is drawn (vv. 10-11) between one who trusts in the LORD and one who trusts in one’s wealth … The condition of the heart – for good or ill, matters greatly (vv. 12, 14) … Answering before listening leads to bad choices (v. 13) … Once again, the heart (v. 15) is at the middle of everything, it’s desire is likened to fruit that is pleasing to eat (vv. 20-21) … The finding of a wife is a good thing (v. 22) … With wealth comes advantages (v. 23) … Or put another way – “Them that has, gets” (Iron’s Law of Distribution) .. The question, in a free society, is how one positions one’s self in the light of this reality? … Finally, regarding friendships (v. 24).  Emerson states the differently – “To have a friend, one must be a friend,” but to the same effect … In my reading of RW Emerson, I’m quite confident that he was well aware of the sayings of the Book of Proverbs.