Proverbs are comparisons between common images and lives profound truths.  They are simple moral statements that teach and highlight fundamental realities about life.  The book Proverbs in the Bible is a practical book teaching skillful living in many aspects of everyday life, such as, “a soft answer turns away wrath.”  Sayings like these are useful in many areas of life, at work, at home, even with children, and not so much the saying itself but the attitude, the acceptance of the truth applied.

The book of Proverbs includes instruction on: 1. Wisdom and folly, 2. Righteousness and wickedness, 3. Pride and humility, 4. Justice and vengeance, 5. Work and laziness, 6. Poverty and wealth, 7.Friends and neighbors, 8. Love and lust, 9. Anger and strife, 10. Bosses and workers, 11. Life and death, 12. The family, 13. The tongue.

The title, The Proverbs of Solomon, does not imply that Solomon authored all the Proverbs,  but are compiled under his name, many were authored by Lemuel and Agar, amongst other unnamed writers.  In fact the first nine chapters of Proverbs are not even technically proverbs but are longer wisdom sayings and probably added after the original book was presented.  This is a book of wisdom and compiled over many years.  Nonetheless it is a useful book, and when read in short settings is easier to digest and gain instruction from.

In our day of high speed information, facts at our fingertips, science, mathematics, precision info, speed, and immediate gratification we need what is missing most in this whirlwind lifestyle, and that is wisdom.  Information without discernment, and concern for the recipient often falls on deaf ears because of pride, fear, embarrassment, shame, etc.  Practical application of new information is necessary to be of any value for change or improvement.

Proverbs 1:  The wise will always seek to understand, while the fool will reject instruction.  Sin will always be enticing for it offers a shortcut to success, but those doing the enticing are sinners and will always be untrustworthy.  Your fathers instruction in right, wise, living is like a trophy, or a medal of victory around your neck.  If you heed his instruction you will be a winner.  Wisdom is shouting all around us, take time to listen.  To reject wisdom is to invite undo stress and calamity into your life.  The naive and fools hate knowledge, and do not choose the fear of the LORD.  They go their own way and are devoured by their own devices.

2 Timothy 2.15  Study the Word of God and show yourself an approved workman, accurately handling the Word.