1 Corinthians 15:1-34

Review & Commentary:  Apparently, some in Corinth did not believe that the resurrection of the dead was possible.  Paul asserts that Jesus’ resurrection was witnessed by many (vv. 1-11) … Christ “died for our sins,” (Isa. 53) and “rose again on the third day” (Hos. 6:2) are ideas from the OT … A denial of Jesus’ past resurrection amounts to no future resurrection for Christians and no future hope (vv. 12-19) … The cause of death was Adam’s sin; the cause of everlasting life is Jesus’ resurrection (vv. 20-22) … The order of the end of the present age is Christ and His resurrect (v. 23).  Christ then hands over the kingdom of the earth to God, having overthrown all its powers (vv. 24-25) … The final enemy, death itself, is destroyed by way of Jesus’ resurrection (vv. 26-28) … It is possible the Corinthians had a practice of baptizing for their dead (v. 29).  Paul does not judge this custom.  Instead, he uses it for his argument … Paul reviews the prevailing Greek schools of thought (vv. 30-32); the Epicureans – live it up today, after you die its over with the Stoics – a life well lived is caused by the practice of virtues, after you die your soul lives on … Paul’s thinking certainly is closer to the Stoics (vv. 33-34) compared to the Epicureans … The congregations at Corinth must have had a mixture of beliefs, imagine that?!