Luke 11:11-13

Analysis:  This is a continuation of Jesus’ teaching on prayer (Luke 11:1-13) … For myself as a Father, when my kid asks me for something specific (vv. 11-12), if I believe it to be in her best interest and is affordable, I will normally fill her request … I say “normally” because sometimes I say “no” regardless because I don’t want to spoil her by enabling her to always have her way … I believe this to be the definition of being a caring Father … At the time Jesus gave this parable, the gift of the Holy Spirit, just by asking from the Father (v. 13), was considered to be outrageous (cp. Joel 2:28-29) … For today’s Christian, to apply this promise (v. 13) is to forget the significance of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-13).