Mark 1.23-24   There was a man in their synagogue with an unclean spirit;  he cried out , “ What business do we have with each other, Jesus of Nazareth I know you – the Holy One of God.”

Even in Jesus time there were people hanging out in the temples who had no true association with the true believers of Jehovah.  Filled with a demon this man was attending ceremonies, teachings, festivals, sacrifices, all the while being led in complete opposition to Godliness.  No one really knows the desire of his heart, but his actions were antagonistic to Jesus.  He was with them but not of them.

1 John 2.18-20  Many anti-Christs have appeared.  They went out from us, but they were never of us.  But we have an anointing from the Holy Spirit.  

Think back to the day when you were transformed by the Holy Spirit at the day you truly believed in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and were transformed.  You knew something marvelous had happened, yet were unable to put your finger on it.  How do you explain that day?  Something life changing had occurred, something life giving had happened.   Each time since then that you really encounter Jesus in a Divine appointment you experience the same thing, the same feeling.  Each day of divine comfort and contentment, each day of Spirit filled joy, a special covering comes upon you.  That my friends is an anointing of the Holy Spirit.

 Anointing is a practice used in the Scriptures to set apart a person for a special calling, or appointment.  An honor performed, established for all to see the uniqueness bestowed upon the recipient.  Psalms 133.2 speaks of unity in the House of God being like an “ ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard; ”   An anointing is used in the selecting of Kings, High Priests, and prophets.  By the time of Christ it was common to anoint, less formally, guests who came into your house for a meal, depicting a specialness to the recipient.     

There are unfortunately many, who like the man in the Mark passage, are hanging out at the church house, who have no idea what the anointing of the Holy Spirit is.  They have never truly understood what belief in Jesus Christ from the inner most parts of their being is.  They have an intellectual concept of Jesus and all the stories of His life, but just don’t get the whole spiritual aspect of it.   Thus, as the scripture points out, they more or less come and go, because they are with us but not of us.  Sitting in the pew hearing the Word of God weekly, they remember the humorous stories, but not the Spiritual side of the sermon.  They remember the music not the message in the music.  

Paul says in the Corinthian letters that we should examine ourselves, he even says he takes inventory of his own life to see if in fact he had missed some aspect of the salvation gospel and run his life in vain.   So should we, lest we find ourselves missing the true anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Although if in fact you have been under the leading and filling of the Holy Spirit you won’t mistake it for anything else.  

Examine yourself and if you have any doubts call Bo or Craig, they surely can help.  Or simply cry out to Jesus, He hears and answers our prayers.