Luke 2:1-20

Commentary:  The “world” spoken to is the Roman Empire (v. 1) … This forced census (v. 2) require very pregnant Mary and Joseph to trek 80 miles from tiny Nazareth to his ancestral town of Bethlehem … The census was done for the dual purposes of taxation and military conscription … When they arrive in Bethlehem, no lodging is available (v. 7) … The birth of Jesus (v. 7), the most momentous event in the history of the world, was done not in a beautiful home but in a stable … The Savior was brought into the world like a poor shepherd boy … The angelic announcement (vv. 8-14) of the Savior was to shepherds, not the most reputable of groups … This song (v. 14) is variously translated “… peace among whom God favors” or “… peace, good will among all people” or “…peace, good will among those whom God is pleased.”  There can be no dogmatic conclusions about it … The shepherds pay Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus a visit (vv. 15-20) … It’s worthwhile to note that at this time belief in polytheistic gods was declining … It was widely held that the gods, if they existed at all, had no experience with what they had created and therefore no appreciation for the human condition … No self respecting god would diminish themselves by coming to the earth, ever … This was the prevailing belief of most of the peoples of the Roman Empire at the time of Jesus’ birth.