God Will Never Leave You
Hebrews 13.5 
“Make sure that your character is free from the love of money, being content with what you have; for He, (Jehovah,) Himself has said ‘ I will never leave you, Nor will I ever forsake you,’ “
What a great promise!   If we could only believe it, or fully grasp the entire concept of its truth.  The reality is as we go through the troubles this world throws at us, we pray and seek God’s help.  As time goes by and the answer seems so elusive, we can guess what would be the best answer, and slowly see it develop, and our views change and become refined to what God kinda has in store for us, and then a breakthrough comes and all the troubles seem to be resolving.  Victory is within sight and we are praising God for the with-in grasp victory, then another wrench is thrown into the gears and there is a major set back.  Another delay and discouragement sets in.  Where is God!  It is honestly so hard to understand why evil so often flourishes and good is punished.  Yet we still pray, we ask God for resolutions, for relief, for complete answers and restoration.  Yet He says wait.  The Scriptures say that He will never leave us, but really, two years have passed and the answer sought after is as far away as when we started.  What now?  Vengeance seems so delightful.  Is mayhem and chaos a part of the church’s doctrine?   
No!  Yet you and I know that sometimes, actually many times it is hard to trust God.  It is hard to believe that He cares for me.  Oh we hear that He cares for us, yet so hard to believe that I am a part of this us.  He honestly seems to care for everyone but me.  Where do I go, to whom can I turn, the answers to my prayers are so faint I honestly can’t hear them.  Wretched man that I am who will set me free?
Do you see the plight of, and cry of Job in this more personal, and current update to his condition?   Yes, we all find ourselves in situations where we have been misled, lied to, lied about, and all has been believed by the powers that govern.   What do we do?  Where do we turn?  Friends fail us, often they believe the lies too.  Often we feel as alone as Job.   
But God!  Always He finds a way to be heard.  A voice on the radio, a word spoken by a true friend that seems to just pop up, a scrap of paper with a word of scripture on the floor of the car.  Who can guess where He will show up.  Yet He will show up!  Just as all seems to be going to Hell,  God shows up.  Oh, He has always been there, but you couldn’t see Him clearly, because of fears, troubles, anxiety.  As we sometimes have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death,  what a joy when we come through it and find our Lord and Savior on the other side, as covered with mud and blood as we because, in fact, He was with us all the way.
Jehovah truly will never leave us, nor forsake us.   He loves us way too much, and yes you are a part of the us!