Romans 8:18-34

Commentary:  Every verse in this passage is worthy of memorization to comfort one’s soul … Whatever ill you’re experiencing, it’s temporary (v. 18) … The idea of a flawed creation (vv. 19-23) awaiting renewal is not new (cp. Gen. 3:14-19) … Someday, creation will be renewed (Isaiah 11) … Hope (vv. 24-25) for a better tomorrow, in whatever form that may take, is the basis of our Christian faith … When one doesn’t know what to pray for, the Spirit intercedes with groaning’s (vv. 26-27) … For myself, the Spirit’s intercession is a great comfort … Sometimes, given the complicated times in which we live, I’m unsure what I should pray for … Some of my prayers requests are short sighted … Fortunately, God has left many of my prayers unanswered … I hazard to think whit my life would be like if all my prayers had been positively answered … Having it, somehow, all working together for our good (v. 28) is a comfort … “For those He foreknew, He also predestined…” (vv. 29-30) is a Presbyterian hallmark … Regardless of our circumstances, Christ is with and for us (vv. 31-34) … In my opinion this Romans 8 is a summation of what a Christian ought to understand and believe.