Revelation 19:11-16

John 14:6

John 1:1

My verse to focus on today was supposed to be Revelation 19:11. In this one simple verse, there is a lot said, and yet at the same time, not enough. One of the many things that I’ve learned about studying scripture over time, starting with a class taught by Pastor Dale several years ago, is that in order to best understand what is going on, you need to read what is happening before and after a short passage to get the full meaning. So, in doing that, I realized that you really need to have verses 11-16 to get the full scoop here.

Something that stands out as you first see and read verse 11 is that the words Faithful and True are capitalized, meaning that they are proper nouns and they are referring to Jesus. When you read through verse 16, you learn Jesus is leading an army of angels into battle against the beast. We first are introduced to the beast in Revelation 13. The beast, in conjunction with the dragon (or serpent as I saw in one translation) have been leading the people of the world astray. In chapter 13, the beast is described as having 10 heads, which, in a commentary I read to prepare for this blog, represents the nations. Its 10 crowns are the kings or princes of those nations. But Jesus, with his army of angels, strike down the beast and the nations.

As I was reading through other parts of Revelation to prepare for this, I found in Chapter 16 that God sent plagues to the Earth to urge the people to repent, and even though they suffered greatly, they cursed God and didn’t repent. In their blindness to their Earthly ways, as promoted by the beast, they couldn’t see the forest for the trees as they say. They were too short sighted to see that the only Way, the only Truth, the only Faithful master lies in the Word of God. And so, this led to their demise by His righteous judgment and war.

He is called Faithful and True, as well as the Word of God. Jesus was referred to each of these in the Gospel of John. Of course John 1 begins with “In the beginning was the Word.” And later in John 14, Jesus says he is The Way, the Truth, and the Life. We see those names come out again here in Revelation as justification for His judgment and His war. His words ARE TRUTH because HE IS GOD, and HE IS FAITHFUL to His Father.