Easily Touched
Hebrews 4.15
Hebrews 9.13-14
Matthew 4.3-10
The attribute of Christ that concerns us today is, in the Kings English, easily touched.   Which in our current American lingo translates to, Jesus is approachable.  He is that therapist, counselor, friend, teacher, compadre who will listen to us, hear us and be our advocate. Our friend who won’t tell on us, who feels our pain, who stands by us and actually helps us.  
In the Gospel of Matthew, we can read about the temptation of Jesus, who after fasting for forty days, was encountered by the adversary, Satan. Who in like manner as Eve and Adam in the Garden being tempted were challenged, “ Is it true, did God really say that?”  The tree of knowledge is right here, the fruit looks so good and you don’t have to wait.  Then he refutes the truth of God that death is at stake here. “ You won’t die.”  Thirdly the promise of Satan was, “ you can be as God,” you don’t need Yahweh.   Jesus three temptations were, “ Is it true, did God tell you, that you are the Son of God? Prove it to me.” Second, “ Come up here and jump, you won’t die.”  Third,  “ I can give you everything, all my kingdom, you don’t need Yahweh.”
One of the basic concepts here in all of these temptations is, “ sin is a shortcut. “ You don’t have to wait, you can have it now.   Jesus withstood all the arguments and offers from Satan by quoting truth from the scriptures.  We have the same weapon at our disposal but often fail in using it. 
In Hebrews 9.13-14 we also see the truth from the old testament Hebrew offerings were inadequate for true forgiveness of sins, but the blood of Christ actually fulfills the Laws demands, and we can have the pure cleansing of our sins and are free to serve the Living God.  Yet we have this freedom, this new life in our bodies of flesh, or as Paul describes it, clay jars, earthenware.  We are fragile, we are weak and easily tempted to stray from the truth. we are easily deceived and need all the help we can get to live in victory over sin.  
Thus we have Hebrews 4.15, a high priest, an advocate, a friend, who has been tempted in all ways as we are, yet without failing.  We don’t need an advisor that fails, or has failed, or is failing, we need one who is victorious.   A teacher who is so removed from our lack of understanding, that they can’t even remember what it’s like to not know, is of little help to the student.  I personally am a horrible teacher of carpentry, though I have 47 years of experience, I can’t remember what it is like to not know.  I assume a base of understanding that isn’t there for most people.  Jesus isn’t like that, He is perfect, has a perfect memory, has compassion and understanding, is merciful and sympathetic to all our needs, and is welcoming. 
Hebrews 4.16 explains that God has established a Throne of Grace, a high place for us to come to, where we can find Mercy and Help in the time of need.  The One who mans this Throne is Jesus, our High Priest who understands our dilemma’s and weaknesses and calls out to us, begs us, yells to us to come to Him for help.   He cares.  He really cares.