2 Corinthians 6:11-18

Review:  Presented here are the ideals of godly separation … Sometimes compromise is not possible … The easiest example of this is food cannot compromise with poison … It simply cannot … Godly separation is twofold … First, one should avoid as much as possible whatever is ungodly … My opinion is, regardless of how folk live, everyone in their conscience and heart, know the difference between God endorsed behaviors an beliefs and not so … That’s the reason for all the emotion and anger in these situations … Invariably, anger is provoked when folk are afraid of something … It’s the fear of being wrong and it’s repercussions that provokes an emotional response … Second, those God fearing and appreciating are to turn to God Himself as their refuge … Being completely separated from evil means not having the desire or motivation for it … Some call this action “living by the Spirit” … One’s beliefs are certainly framed, in part, by what one listens to … Listening and believing that which is not true will never lead to a happy ending (compare 2 Tim. 2:19-22, 2 John 7-11) … Having no contact with what is evil or bad, in our good but fallen planet or even in our own church, is impossible … The real issue is being complicit or conforming to why is wrong (vv. 14-18, John 17, Gal. 6:1) … Successful Christian living requires that one has a backbone and sides with God, despite it’s unpopularity  … It’s hard nowadays because we have politics and a media attempting to flip many issues on their collective ears … Not that the hasn’t happened before (cp. Isa. 5:8-30).