Let’s face it folks there is a lot going on in these 10 verses. Instead of getting caught up in the particulars I am going to deal with the general message. The people following Moses it the Exodus had to gather manna everyday, if they kept it, it rotted. People had to go our again and again just to be satisfied. If you remember the story even with the bread that God supplied them they were not content.

Jesus says He is the bread of life and whoever eats of it will live forever. In order for us to truly appreciate the bread of life, we need to hunger. We have to have a yearning, a want, that will not be satisfied any other way. Humans have all sorts of ways to fill that need: drugs,sex, work, play, appearances, even religiosity. Religiosity may surprise you. Activities at church, no matter how good there are will not satisfy the real need, real hunger.

What we need is a relationship with Jesus to satisfy this hunger. By relationship I mean a personal, intimate, closeness with Jesus. It begins with confessing that we are sinners in need of a savior, and accepting Jesus as our Savior. From there all else begins. To really feed of the bread of life we need to start with loving Jesus with our hearts.

Shalom, Mark