Isaiah 63:1-6

Review:  This arrival is strange, indeed, it fills Isaiah with astonishment.  He comes from Bozrah, Edom.  His garment is royal purple, stained with the blood of his enemies from the “day of vengeance” (v. 4).  His journey and struggle is a solitary one.

Analysis:  My Bible indicates that this passage is similar to others (cp. Isa. 2:10-22, Rev. 19:11-21).  The writing of each is highly symbolic, although some of what is stated can literally take place.  We have is the supreme struggle of the coming ( the second time for Christians) Messiah against a fully fallen world, with apparently most all that is Godly and/or good removed.  This Messiah confronts the sin of humankind alone, abandoned as he was when he confronted the same issue the first time at the cross (Mark 15:24-41).  All of this is shockingly violent.  Such are some aspects of life on this planet as those Christians who attended services this past Easter in Sri Lanka can attest.  Please pray for God’s healing and for persecution of Christians worldwide to end.    The judgement of sin and mankind failings is also an aspect of Jesus’ ministry (Jn. 9:35-41).  No, it won’t be easy or pain-free.