In the English, King James Version of the Word of God, a great work, it was necessary to translate the Latin Vulgate, and the Hebrew scriptures into a language of the people. A huge effort was employed to accomplish this work, and it was accomplished. One of the challenges was to get the common man to understand Hebrew words and culture, which was foreign to them. The Englishmen understood the ideas of gods, as there were many, and they understood lords, as land owners and masters. So such wording was naturally used to convey the ideas of another culture, the Hebrews. So the title Elohim, which means god, and can be attributed to any number of gods, is merely a tile and must be connected to descriptive adjectives to be clearly understood to the reader or listener as to which god, thus in the scriptures Elohim is most often clearly stated in many ways. We are told that our God is our Sanctuary, in the Hebrew it is Elohim Bethel, or a shortened form is El Bethel. El Elyon is Most High Visitor, El Chai is God our Living Truth, and so on for about 26 variations concerning His attributes.

Now we are told in Exodus 6. 3 that Elohim appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as God Almighty, El Shaddai, but now He is revealing Himself by His name, YHWH, which is spelled Yod Hai Vav Hai, and pronounced Yahweh, and transliterated into English as Jehovah. It is very difficult to translate so many of these ideas and pronunciations from one culture to another so a little leeway is necessary. Anytime in the scriptures that we see the word LORD we must understand it is the name of our God, which is in fact Jehovah, in the English language.

Many people talk of god but have little understanding of which god they are referencing. A god of nature may be, just that, in their mind, while in your mind the reference is to Jehovah the Creator of nature. A god of love, with no other attributes may not be Jehovah, the God of Love as defined in our scriptures 1 John 4.8. You understand don’t you?

We have the truth about Jehovah as revealed to mankind in the Holy Scriptures, our Holy Bible.
To fully understand Him we must study diligently, in spirit and truth.