Matthew 24:42-51 (The Faithful Servant)

Well, this wraps up the Parables of Jesus.  This particular parable reminds me of the time when my mom went back to work and I was in 7th or 8th grade.  Both of my parents worked hard to make ends meet and I had certain “chores” that were to be done…in addition to making sure my homework was done each day.  These were not difficult chores typically:  take out the garbage, clean up my room, make sure the kitchen was clean and, often, start helping to prepare dinner before mom and dad got home from work.  Now, I knew the end of the work day was typically – 5:00 pm for mom and 6:00 pm for dad.  So, what would most kids do if you got home from school at 3:00 pm?  For those of you who are of the angelic nature and never procrastinated in getting things done, my hat goes off to you.  There was always time, right?  On a couple of occasions, however, 5:00 might be 4:30 – traffic was light or mom just finished up early that day.  There is one phrase that was clearly applicable here…BUSTED!!

Jesus is saying that if you knew the exact time when a burglar would seek to burgle your house then you would be ever vigilant.  Things don’t work like that with burglars and they won’t work like that with Jesus’ return.  Constant readiness is the only sure safeguard to being ready.  Jesus calls his followers to be ready at all times because there is no doubt about his return and there are consequences for lack of readiness.  Just like there were consequences for lack of readiness for mom and dad’s return after a long day at work.

Devotional Thought:  If you profess to serve God made real in Jesus and the ongoing presence of the Holy Spirit, we must accept the truth that our service must be done to the very best of our ability so that glory and praise go to our God.  You see, I believe the reward for faithful service is not the opportunity to sit back and relax, no, the reward for faithful service is the opportunity of serving in a higher and more responsible way.