Mark 13:28-31

First, I am going to add a few more passages that I think relate to this one from Mark (click here). Jesus is teaching his disciples about the end times and to look for the signs that they are getting closer. From time to time, I hear people saying that, with the way things are going in the world now, that the signs are apparent that the end times aren’t far off. Although that may be true, I would like to point out that at many different times in history, people were convinced that the end times were near. Medieval Europe and the spread of the bubonic plague comes to mind right away for me. That is why I have added these extra verses that I found as I was preparing for this entry. There may be signs that the second coming is near, but “near” in could be tomorrow or it could still be another thousand years. We never really will know.

But what IS for sure is that we need to be ready. Jesus tells us that even the angels and the Son of Man himself don’t even know the time. But when the time comes, one person will be taken up, and the person right next to him or her will be left behind. Paul, Peter, and John all say that it will come like a thief in the night. It is exactly why we always need to be trying to live out what the Gospel has to offer. As He says in the last sentence of this parable, the things of this world will fade, but His Word will last forever. Rely on His teachings and not on what the world has to offer.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, although I may never know the time of your return, I pray that I am living out the Gospel daily so that I am ready when the time comes. In Jesus’ name, Amen.