Matthew 9:16-17

Review:  New and old cloth have different properties.  New cloth is not worn or been shrunk from washing and drying.  Old cloth is “broken in” and it’s size is reduced due washing and drying.  Likewise, new wine should not be put into an old wineskin because of the same effects.  The old, stretched due to a previous fermentation, is unable to stretch further to accommodate the fermentation of a new wine.  If attempted, an old wineskin will bust and fail.

Analysis:  This parable is one of contrasting properties of the old compared to that of the new.  There will always be some incompatibility between them.  As the old passes, God brings forward new (Isa. 43:18-19, 48:6).  Likewise, those who resist the new from God will wear like an old garment or wineskin (Isa. 50:7-9, 51:7-8).  These effects, in part, explain the difficulties Jesus faced in His earthly ministry and any new venture in Christianity, generally speaking.