Luke 14:7-14

Do you remember planning the reception for your wedding? Looking at all the names of people you have to invite verses the ones you want to invite? And then try to find the best way to sit them around the tables, in a way that makes everyone happy? I do remember that, and if I am to be honest it was a little hellish, let’s leave it at that.

As people, we are wired to see others in certain ways, sometimes is based on our upbrigning, or personal experiences and sometimes just based on cultural expectations. Jesus in many ways wants to challange that understanding of who we see and who we honor. For Jesus, there is a new standard at play, in very few words: the least of these.

So, who is the least of these today? Who do you see when you interact with those around you? What is the motivation of reaching out to those you meet?

Those are some good questions to bring into the conversation, even today when we seem to be divided on so many issues. Christ’s message in many ways goes so much farther than the surface like and dislike button on our facebook page, it goes to the heart and motivation of everything that we are.

Today, I pray that you will accept Christ challenge to look at the world through that lens of “the least of these” and open your heart as you welcome the world into your life.

Be blessed,

Bo M.