Luke 16:1-13

This morning I went outside to start my car and drive around for a little bit. While grabbing a cup of tea along the way, I was thinking about today’s parable. And I have to tell you, I do not recall many messages, sermons, and conversation on the first part of this parable. Most of the time we talk about the part with the one who can be trusted with little also can be trusted with much or the nobody can serve two masters.

I am sure that many things can be said about someone being a shrewd manager, but what are we to do with this parable in light of our understanding of Christian morals and so on?

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that this parable is about generosity and intent of the heart. In part because it comes down to our understanding of who our master is and what our call in life is. So, if God is blessing us with all that we are, how are we to manage it all? This parable is a reminder to me that all I am is about giving glory to God all in all, and that the master is indeed holding us accountable to all.

Today I pray that we will know in our hearts how to honor God in all aspects of our lives and that God will give us opportunities to share his grace along the way.


Bo M.