Luke 11:21-22 The Message (MSG)

21-22 “When a strong man, armed to the teeth, stands guard in his front yard, his property is safe and sound. But what if a stronger man comes along with superior weapons? Then he’s beaten at his own game, the arsenal that gave him such confidence hauled off, and his precious possessions plundered.

This parable reminded me about a conversation we had in one of my classes in seminary. We were talking about the nature of humans and the idea of feeling secure in our abilities and strengths. Sometimes we understand these as being our strong virtues, or morals, sometimes we understand these to be the things that make us feel like we can stand and overcome anything that comes our way. Yet, temptation and weakness, at times will come our way in a way that we had not met before. It is at this time we have to ask ourselves: How can I stand against it?

This parable is a reminder that even the strong ones are going to be tested, that weakness and temptation will come our way, and we are not only to stand guard but be ready when it happens.

Today I will encourage you to remember your weakness, the things that make you vulnerable, and remember how you had overcome sin in the past. I also pray that you learn to trust not your strength in face of such temptations, but learn to rely on God’s strength, and live your life as a person that not only is prepared to face them, but also as a person that is ready to ask for help when the time comes.

Be blessed,

Bo M.