“I’m gonna let it shine!”

Today’s blog comes from the parable in Matthew 5:14-15 which reads:

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” (NIV)

Let’s go through a scenario I think is fairly common among people.

Mary Sue is a ‘good’ Christian. She prays every morning and evening, reads her Bible, and attends church regularly (as well as being involved in a few ministries!). She loves Jesus. Mary Sue works at a hardware store. She knows her boss, Jane, is also a Christian and she knows that her co-worker, John, is not. Around Jane, Mary Sue freely expresses her excitement over life and the miraculous things that God is doing for her but around John she finds it hard to talk about anything. Sometimes he tries to talk about his weekend filled with drinking, gossip, and sex. These stories make Mary Sue uncomfortable, but she doesn’t want to offend or hurt John so she keeps quiet. John thinks Mary Sue might be a Christian because he associates her conservative dress and speech to be associated with the Christian attributes portrayed on TV, but he isn’t sure what any of that even means.

Have you ever been Mary Sue? Excitedly talking about Jesus with a fellow believer, but timid with someone you know doesn’t follow Jesus? How can you combat that mindset?

In my own personal life (and in relation to the above verse) this is what I have found to be beneficial to all parties involved.

  1. Always let your light shine. If you are excited about things happening in your life talk about them! Share them with people. Did money show up out of nowhere right before Christmas? Did you car start after you prayed for it to be fixed? Did a package come early even though tracking said it wouldn’t? Do you have a sense of peace even though your life looks like it’s crumbling around you? Do you have a deep sense of joy even though you just experienced a loss? These miracles (big and small) are great opportunities to share the light that comes from the Holy Spirit.
  2. Let people come to you when they see your life. I have found that the response is far better when someone comes to me. They witnessed me living out a life for Christ with a happiness that they can’t comprehend and then asked me why am I that way. I feel like this is a good example of being fishers of men.
  3. When this happens give credit where credit is due: God. James 1:17 reminds us that every good and perfect gift comes from God. So when you’re in a season of plenty, good cheer, etc. let the people witnessing this know it’s coming from God.
  4. Let the person take or leave what you have to say. You are not responsible for anyone’s salvation–only the Holy Spirit can turn hearts. You are responsible for spreading the Good News and living out a life that reflects the great goodness that God has given you by saving you.
    1. If someone wants to know more invite them to church! If church is too intimidating invite them to a fellowship event or ministry the church hosts (Sunday potluck, Project Linus, Dinner Out Group… Check out our “Ways to Connect” section of the church website).
    2. If they do not want to know more and brush it off do not be discouraged, dear heart! Keep living out The Truth and know that God is smiling down on you for living a life that reflects His love and mercy.


Brothers and sisters, I look forward to continuing to be a light with you in the New Year.