Luke 7:41–43

Forgiveness – A word that it is used so much in our mundane life. We get to a meeting late we apologize and move on, we spill something or wrong someone in a minor way and expect to be forgiven without too much fanfare.

We say sorry, and we move on with our lives. Nothing wrong with that. Yet, for me, I end up asking myself if along the way we had lost the meaning of the act of forgiveness and more exactly the what happens when we forgive someone and we really mean it.

Today’s parable addresses that problem in a way. It is a reminder that we all had sinned, some sins we see them as being nothing more than mistakes, while some other are a little more major and some get that category that we do not even speak about because they are so big. In God’s economy a sin is a sin, and what makes the difference is how we respond to the act of forgiveness.

This parable is a reminder that an act of forgiveness is about having the right attitude, the right understanding of the act itself, and it goes a step further about what happens once we experience that forgiveness. Because the act of forgiveness implies a changed heart, change actions and moves us to a new place of understanding grace.

Today, I pray that as you experience forgiveness you will also experience the inner peace and the transformation that comes along. May your life be always filled with forgiveness, peace and grace.

Be blessed,

Bo M.