There can be only one passage to sum up “God as Love” – even though, by now, you have realized that reading through the entire Bible is a journey of God’s love for his people.  The passage I am thinking of is:  1 John 4:7-21

I think there is an important distinction in this passage.  John states clearly that God IS love not that love is God.  People talk about a God of love and while that is true, it doesn’t fully complete an understanding of the God of all Creation who IS love itself…pure, holy, just and perfect.  We so often get love wrong by thinking of it as a feeling or some morally correct thing to do.  Try thinking today about love in a different way that real love is God

Today’s Devotional Thought:  God is love.  An intimate relationship with God will produce love.  And, like light, love is intrinsic to the character and nature of God and those who know this God walk in his light.  Saying that we love this God has to be more than showing up at church for an hour on Sunday or volunteering once in a while.  Don’t misunderstand here…being part of the church is foundational to being a Christian and “volunteering” is important.  I would submit to you, though, that the word volunteer is never used by Jesus.  Why might that be?  The answer, I think, is simple…loving God is not a thought or a feeling, it is a way of life.  Loving God is seen in how we treat everyone around us…how we talk about people or think about others – those created in God’s image.