Zechariah 13-14     Psalm 149     Matthew 25-26

Review:   A fountain cleansing is coming for the house of David (13:1)…Idols & false prophets will be shamed (13:2-6)…A Shepherd will arise for Israel (13:7)…2/3’s will be cut off, 1/3 will be tested and refined resulting in “My People” (13:8-9)…All the world is against Jerusalem (14:1-3)…The Mount of Olives, outside Jerusalem, will be split in two (14:4-7) resulting in an east-west flowing river (14:8) and usher in the LORD as King (14:9-15)…Even with this happening, some will remain unmoved and judged accordingly (14:16-21).

Analysis:  The order prescribed here appears to be the following…

  1. A gathering of the nations against the Israel (14:2, cp. Rev. 16:13-16).
  2. A remnant will be delivered (14:3).
  3. The Messiah returns to a significantly changed Mount of Olives (14:4-8).
  4. All of the above brings the LORD’s Kingdom to fruition and with it full earthly blessing (14:9-21).

That all this happens in response to prayer (Matt. 6:9-13, cp. Dan. 2:44-45, 7:24-28, Luke 1:26-33, 1 Cor. 15:20-28), even by we ourselves…Some will scoff and say that this is impossible, it could never happen…To that, my response is given what we’re experiencing, what we know of world these days, is this scenario far beyond the realm of possible…Further, it is certainly more possible for this to happen than any who have lived or is living to be on this livable planet in the first place as Heidegger attempts, unsuccessfully to my eye, to get to the bottom of…Happy New Year!