Mathew 27-28

Malachi   Where do we begin?  So much of the Prophets who spoke the word of Jehovah to Israel is so relevant to the church today.  And our attitudes today are so much like that of the children of Israel back then.  The biggest difference between them and us is we are supposedly filled with the Holy Spirit, while they were under the Law proving their need for the Holy Spirit.   Nonetheless Jehovah spoke to them, through the prophet, and said He was unhappy with their offerings and wished someone would lock the door so they couldn’t offer such useless sacrifices.   They were bringing in blind and maimed animals when they should have been the best and perfect from the flock.   God was getting the leftovers.  In chapter 3. vs 8 Jehovah offers a challenge to them and us, “Will a man rob God?  Bring the whole tithe in and see if I won’t open the windows of heaven, and pour out blessings until it over flows!”   Then He goes on to say “Then I will rebuke the devourer for you,…”  It seems if we are unwilling to bring to God the whole tithe, something happens where there is a devourer who will take the extra we are thinking is ours and squanders it uselessly, be it unseen expenses we didn’t count on, such as car repairs, or other breakdowns.  No one can say for sure how this happens but blessings do come from Jehovah and we know what is right to do,  so don’t try to hold out on God.  
Psalms 148  A great Psalm of praise, read it.  Note that it says in verse 5 to praise the name of the LORD.  King James and pretty much all English translations of scripture substitute LORD for Jehovah, (YHWH) or God for Elohim.  In the English we really should praise Jehovah,  that is the true name of our everlasting Father.  
Mathew 27-28   This chapter starts with Judas who kills himself rather than repent of his sins, a poor choice.  Pilate knew the Priests were lying, they were envious of Jesus, so he tried to wash his hands of the matter.  Now we come to the crucifixion,  outside the walls of Jerusalem, on a roadway where all crucifixions took place so everyone passing by could be warned against wrong doing by Roman rules.  Understand also that this is taking place at the time of the Hebrew feasts of Passover, Aviv 14, and Unleavened Bread, Aviv 15, which also includes the Wave Offering of First Fruits.  (Leviticus 23)  So Jesus fulfills the spring Feasts as the perfect Passover Lamb,  and Matthew writes in chapter 27.51 that the veil in the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; ( a sign of our access to the Holy of Holies i.e. God the Father,) and the earth shook and the rocks were split.  It is understood through archaeology finds that the Ark of the Covenant which has been hidden and considered missing since the Babylonian exile, was in a cave, and still is, under the spot of the Crucifixion of Jesus so that when He was pierced in the side His blood fell down through the rocks to land on the Mercy Seat of the Ark Of the Covenant to symbolize, and fulfill our complete forgiveness of sins.( In the Passover ritual the blood of the lamb was sprinkled on the Mercy Seat of the Ark, so was Jesus Blood.)  Verse 52 tells us that tombs were opened when the earth quaked and many saints who were dead were raised, after Christs resurrection.  They appeared to many in the holy city.  In John 20.17 he records that Mary grabbed Jesus after the resurrection, and He told her to let go for He had not yet ascended to my Father.  Now this reference is not to His ascension in the book of Acts, but to take the first fruits of the harvest to heaven as the First Fruits offering, a Wave offering to the Father. These resurrected bodies were the first fruits of the harvest yet to come.  Thus Jesus fulfilled all the Spring Feasts, which were performed by Israel as a remembrance of the things past and a rehearsal of things yet to come.  The high Priest of Israel would gather the sheaves of grain, brought in to the temple, and could not be touched by anyone until the Wave Offering was completed.  So that’s why Jesus said “don’t touch me” to Mary.  He must be ceremonially clean to offer the Wave Offering.  
Isn’t this stuff fascinating, to see the past and the present brought together in such minute detail.   Our Heavenly Father leaves out no detail in fulfilling His Word.  He won’t leave out any detail for that which is to come also.  We are not following some cleverly devised tale, but the Living God of Israel, the Creator, KIng eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, to whom belongs honor and glory forever.