Zechariah 4-6Psalm 147Matthew 21

Israel had always been an interesting people. In their history as people, we can see them in all their glory or backsliding to the point the prophets speak of immediate destruction of them as a nation. It this swing that is interesting to me, especially in the light of the coming Messiah. Israel, as people of God, had this unique promise that God will come and dwell with them, live amongst them build God’s kingdom with them. And yet the ongoing issue that seems to trouble them comes from their fickle hearts.

Zechariah speaks as the prophet of God, about rebuilding the temple and about the city being once again full of its formal glory. These are meant to be words of comfort, of encouragement for all those working in Jerusalem.

At times we might ask ourselves how are things going to fall into place, how are the promises of God going to come to completion. And the answer is not the one we expect, it is not by who we are, the things we think we can do, but in wait, in listening and watching God’s plan unfold.

When was the last time you heard: Not, by your power! Not, by your wisdom! By Faith, By God’s spirit.

I would encourage you today to bring your prayers, your long list of things that you worry about before God, and speak those words: By your Spirit Lord, let it be done, I submit to your will.

Be blessed,

Merry Christmas,

Bo M