Daniel 3-4 Psalm 133 Luke 16

After reading the texts above, I was left wondering what is the common theme between all of it. Most days the readings seem to just flow from one to the next, but that has not come easily to me today.

From a King in love with himself and the opinions of those around him to a call to unity and a very different take on doing business and living life, all seems so disconnected. But then again maybe it is not.

The more I thought about it there was one thing that kept bringing me back: What is really important to you?

If you are the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, maybe having the royal court in your pocket is a priority. Doing what needs to be done to gain favor and even more authority will be important. For the King that really hit a wall when the three friends showed that faith is more important than anything else, that God and their worship to the one true God overstep anything else. That was a reality check for the king.

For David writing the Psalm, unity was important. As a warrior king, David understood how important is for people to really live in harmony. That feeling of everything is well with the world, that people can enjoy peace and worship God freely must have been a real dream for David, and when he saw that glimpse of what it is his heart just rejoice.

And lastly the parables… Now if you have not read this parables before it might be a little shocking to you to see Jesus speaking about wealth in the manner which he is. But yet again that idea of what is important to you pops up. The Kingdom of God, serving the right master, learning from your own life and trying to protect the people dear to you, to help them see the blessings of living right. It is all out what it is important.

Now tomorrow it is Thanksgiving Day, and I am sure that each one will take time to remember what is important in life, God, family, friends and so on. One thing I would challenge you to is this: Please share with someone what is important to you and why. Be a Lazarus.

Be blessed,

Bo M.