Jeremiah 47-48, Psalm 119:169-176, Revelation 20  (each passage is on it’s own link) 

Jeremiah 47-48 is part of a set of prophecies against the nations (chapters 46-51).  God is not only the God and judge of Israel but also the God and judge of all nations.  Jeremiah 47 concerns the Philistines and Jeremiah 48 is directed toward the nation of Moab.

Revelation 20 is about the final things: Christ’s Return, Final Judgement, Resurrection, and Eternal Kingdom.   What to do about the 1,000 years in verses 1-7?  There are three views depending upon if one takes 1,000 years as literal years or sees 1,000 years as metaphorically referring to a long time: Amillennial, Premillenial, Postmillenial. If you wish to know more about these I suggest you google those terms.

Basically, Revelation 20 assures us that God wins and triumphs over all evil; Satan is judged and utterly defeated, never to rise up again and all who refused to believe in God and the Lord Jesus are defeated.  The great, good news of what this means is found in Chapters 21 and 22, the conclusion to Revelation and the Bible.

Psalm 119 ends with verses 169-176.  The Psalmist is a person of faith who praises God and realizes that God is the judge of all and the author of salvation.  He makes a plea to be heard by God in verses 169-170.  I think we all can identify with crying out to God in a difficult time.  Next he asks for God’s help, life, and presence.  Even though he has “strayed like a lost sheep” he knows that God still cares for him.

Isn’t it good to know, that even though God is the judge of all nations and all people, the Lord seeks us out, hears our cries, delivers us, and plans for our salvation.  Live in and enjoy God’s presence this day.