Today’s Passages (all 1 link):  Jeremiah 37-38; Proverbs 4; Revelation 15

Jeremiah 37-38:   This is a well known slice of the prophet Jeremiahs life.  King Zedekiah has rejected the warnings of Jehovah through Jeremiah and yet still has Jeremiah pray for him. Verse 3 “Please pray to the LORD our God on our behalf.”  How very strange, yet not so strange as to not want to heed the word of God, or the statutes of God, or the instructions, or warnings, but to also want the blessings of God. We see it in our world today, on a national level the politicians do whatever they choose, and then say, “ God bless America.”  We see it in our work place, at schools, at the local church house, everywhere man dwells.  In essence we want the reward without the dedication, the payout with out the work, the medal without competing, the good grade without the study.

So it ends up the bad guys throw Jeremiah into an empty cistern or well, where he is stuck at the bottom in some really thick, deep, miry clay.  A point of interest is that wells are not just dug, but built.  A deep hole is dug then it is lined with bricks and stone starting at the bottom and built up being lined with impervious clay so as not to leak. The very bottom is left pretty much alone for the ground water, or spring to fill it up.  After time it can go dry yet the bottom stays moist and muddy for some time.  It is here that Jeremiah is stuck, possibly up to his waist.  Then the Ethiopian Ebed-melech seeks the king to rescue Jeremiah, to lift his feet from the miry clay.  Ebed sends old clothes down for Jeremiah to protect himself from the rope being used to pull him out, knowing what effort it will take to dislodge him from the clay.  The greater picture is that it is not an easy thing to do.  Love, protection, redemption is costly, there is great effort required to rescue sometimes.  Just look at the cost of our redemption from sin by our Savior Jesus, in his suffering and death and resurrection.

Proverbs 4:  continues this idea with the emphasis on wisdom.  It is a wise to avoid the path of the wicked, to follow fools is of no gain, there are those who cannot sleep until they cause someone else to stumble.  In the passage from Jeremiah, King Zedekiah was that man who refused wisdom, who viewed Jehovah as a foolish god who could be manipulated.  I get to do what I want then have a good man pray for me.  This is the way of the foolish man.  Jehovah wants us to  humble ourselves to His will, sek His wisdom, and lives Godly lives free from all evil.

Revelation 15:  As John continues his vision he sees a sea of glass and fire, and those who were victorious over the beast during the tribulation were standing on it, singing the song of Moses, and the song of the Lamb.  The indication here is both Jew and gentile are present.  They are united in their worship and adoration of Jehovah who has brought them out of great turmoil.