Well…since I used the Fruit of the Spirit last Sunday for “kindness”, I’ll go to another favorite of mine when I think about “goodness” – although, you know, goodness is another Fruit of the Spirit (albeit this is translation dependent).  The passage I am thinking of today is the last verse of Psalm 23“surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord, forever.”

Psalm 23 is often thought of as a funeral psalm.  While it is true that it is often read at a funeral, I believe there is a most important reason – Psalm 23 is a psalm of life!  We officiate at funerals not for the dead – for those who die in Christ will know him forever, it is for the living that funerals exist to provide hope amid the grieving.

Throughout Psalm 23 we see God’s leading, guiding and protective hand at work for his flock.  And remember Jesus’ words in John’s gospel about him being The Good Shepherd.  The psalm concludes with maybe one of the greatest of biblical promises…that God’s leading, guiding and protective hand will follow his flock all the days of their life until they finally rest in his presence for eternity!  What an amazing assurance for all of us to think about today!!

This coming week’s readings:

10/1 Isaiah 64 Psalm 119:9-16 1 John 2 Karl
10/2 Isaiah 65 Psalm 119:17-24 1 John 3 Matt
10/3 Isaiah 66 Psalm 119:25-32 1 John 4 Bo
10/4 Jeremiah 1-2 Psalm 119:33-40 1 John 5 Karissa
10/5 Jeremiah 3-4 Psalm 119:41-48 2 John Dale
10/6 Jeremiah 5-6 Psalm 119:49-56 3 John Craig H.