Isaiah 63     Psalm 119:1-8     1 John 1

Review:  Speaking of the Bible…Blessed are those who abide by it’s Laws (119:1)…Blessed are those who keep His Testimonies, who seek His Will with their all (119:2)…Blessed are they who do right, who follow His sayings diligently (119:3, 4)…Blessed are they who live by His Commandments (119:5, 6)…Blessed are those who continue to learn His Ordinances (119:7)…Blessed are those who keep His statutes and pray not to be forsaken (119:8).

Analysis:  There are linguistic nuances in this passage…Laws (119:1) are divine legal pronouncements of right and wrong…His Testimonies (119:2) is another way of saying His Word which is a disclosure of His Will…Commandments (119:4, 6) are those given to Moses (Exodus 20)…Precepts (119:4) have to do with our obligations to our Creator…Statues (119:5, 8) are a kin to His Laws and Commandments in reference to the Mosaic System (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) of Laws…All boiled down, a person who follows, or at least attempts, all the above is follower as advised by Christ (Matt. 9:9, Mark 8:34-38, John 12:23-36).