Isaiah 60
Psalm 116
2 Peter 1

Today I was talking to another Christian woman about my journey through faith. She was laughing at herself because a Scripture she wanted wasn’t coming to mind and I told her it was more than okay because she had such vast knowledge of it. She reminded me she’d had many more years with the Bible and I was reminded (and surprised), once again, that I’ve only been reading my Bible for four years.

She asked how I got started.

I told her I was starved for the Word of God when I began reading and I couldn’t stop. It was a blessing to feel that kind of hunger.

She asked me if I knew why I was hungry and told me that I was hungry for Hope, for His Promises, and for the World of Life.

And how right she is.

When we’re reading through the Scriptures this is not just a book. There are promises throughout the Bible–Old Testament included!

Look at Isaiah 60:15-22. He promises peace, wealth (in ways more than monetary), and security.

Look to Psalm 116:1-9. He promises to hear our cry, to deliver us, and to show compassion.

And the 2 Peter passage is filled with promises of salvation and the Holy Spirit.

Today’s been a long day–and I’m holding onto those promises.

Which promise stands out to you? Which one are you thirsty for today?

Remember, our God is the Bread of Life and Living Water.

Blessings, Karissa