Today’s reflection comes from 2 passages (there are so many)…first, from Galatians 5:22-26, better known as the Fruit of the Spirit where we find kindness as one of the fruits.  This “fruit” is not something we produce on our own rather, it is produced by and through the Holy Spirit…God.  The word “fruit” is singular, indicating that these qualities constitute a unity, all of which should be found in a believer who lives under the control of the Holy Spirit. In an ultimate sense this “fruit” is simply the life of Christ lived out in a Christian.

And if this “fruit” comes by and through God, well. then this has to be the character of God himself and, so, our second passage comes from Psalm 145, where the greatness and goodness of God are proclaimed!  Think, today, about God’s goodness…his kindness and rest in that amazing comfort and peace!!

This Week’s Readings:

9/24 Isaiah 58 Psalm 114 1 Peter 4 Matt
9/25 Isaiah 59 Psalm 115 1 Peter 5 Bo
9/26 Isaiah 60 Psalm 116 2 Peter 1 Karissa
9/27 Isaiah 61 Psalm 117 2 Peter 2 Dale
9/28 Isaiah 62 Psalm 118 2 Peter 3 Craig H.
9/29 Isaiah 63 Psalm 119:1-8 1 John 1 Craig R.