Isaiah 56     Psalm 112     1 Peter 2

Review:  Live like you know you should (56:1-2)…Outsiders are invited and welcome (56:3-8)…Metaphorically, I think, Israel’s rulers, the “beasts of the field” are called out for not leading as they should (56:9-12).

Analysis:  The overall theme of this passage is that of gathering…This delay in salvation (56:1), apparently, is because sin is in the way or those in need of it are not ready…Even so, God keeps His promises and invites “whosoever,” to Him on His terms…Those who won’t come to God have a condition known as a “hardened heart,” (Exodus 5-14) something that can have disastrous consequences…Those who turn to God are considered “blessed” (56:2) or “happy” in some translations…Typically, Jewish and Christian societies are considered closed to outsiders…This passage and others (2 Peter 3:5-9) indicate otherwise…”What God Does Is Well Done” according to JS Bach (BWV 100).