Today’s Passages (all 1 link):  Isaiah 33; Song of Solomon 3:1-5; Titus 1

While I love the messages of Isaiah and Song of Solomon, the message of Titus 1 seems to be more compelling this day.  As I get ready to head off with Tari to our first ever Renaissance  Fair in Bristol, Wisconsin, I think about what Paul brings to us today.

Paul makes clear a foundation of faith and then a basis in truth.  A faith and truth that is founded as Paul claims based in being a “slave to Christ”.  When you read what Paul writes, you have to know that there is a foundational grounding in Jesus.  Paul make clear to us an understanding of what it means for people to live godly lives.

The question I think that is in front of us today is this:  what is it about life that is meaningful for you?  What do you think you are called to live out regarding God’s vision for your life?

Are you absolutely grounded in God’s love for you and the direction he has for your life?  Have you listened to what his purpose for your life might be?  More importantly…are you ready…willing…and able to follow as God may be leading you?  Have you thought about what it means to you to be a slave to Jesus?  What do you know to be truth?

If you are so compelled…I would love to know how you find yourself grounded in Jesus…so might others.

Blessings this day in Jesus!!