Isaiah 30; Psalm 102; 2 Timothy 2

Isaiah 30

As much as the human race tries to push God away, God will continue to be there. For those who do turn away from God, only destruction will be in their future. They will be “collapsed in an instant” so that “not a fragment can be found.” But there is hope for all because “the Lord longs to be gracious” to us. Those who fall away are always welcome back with open arms. Take into consideration the prodigal son.

Psalm 102

In reading this Psalm, I can’t help but think of the Simon and Garfunkel song “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” When we are down and out, troubled, feeling small, etc., God is there, like a bridge over troubled water.

2 Timothy 2

Those who are called to Christ must not get too concerned about what people think who are not Christ followers. There will be many who will try to lead us astray. The ways of the world continue to tug at us and lure us in, but we have to stay true to the path that leads to Christ. Following the ungodly is like an army regiment following the orders of civilians rather than following the orders of their superior officer. The ungodly will only lead to destruction, but following the Commanding Officer will lead to life beyond this earth.


We need to rely on God. There will be struggles in life. There will be those who try to bring us away from a life of righteousness. The glitz and glitter of everyday life can entice us and carry us far from God. But not matter how far we might get away from God, He is still always there, waiting for our return. He wants to be in a relationship with us. Follow the true Commanding Officer, and the outcome will be so much greater than following the ways of the world.