God as humble….hmmmmm, on one level, the initial reaction of many may be – of course not. God is God – he has no reason to be humble…God is perfect.  On another level, consider this…God, in the person of Jesus, was the epitome of humble.  Take this passage from John 13:1-20.

Maybe the ultimate concept of humility is found in Philippians 2:1-11…where we see that glory, honor, power and status were something of no interest to the Savior of the world.

What do you think as you reflect on these 2 passages in the context of God as Humble.  Blessings to you as you rest in the Sabbath today.

Readings this Coming Week

7/30 Isaiah 10 Psalm 92 Philippians 4 Bo
7/31 Isaiah 11 Job 36 Colossians 1 Karissa
8/1 Isaiah 12 Psalm 93 Colossians 2 Dale
8/2 Isaiah 13 Job 37 Colossians 3 Craig H.
8/3 Isaiah 14 Psalm 94 Colossians 4 Craig R.
8/4 Isaiah 15 Job 38 1 Thessalonians 1 Karl