Isaiah 4
Psalm 89:27-52
Ephesians 4

Papa God,

Help us remember we are called to one hope and thus called to one body. Help us Lord to recognize what is True in You so that we may be mature and not sway to harmful teachings.

Lord, the division of the Early Church has grown and I pray the Holy Spirit fall on the Church. Remind us that we are brothers and sisters in Christ before we are anything else. Lord, may we answer to the name of Christ follower before we answer to any other name (Presbyterian, mother, friend, teacher, etch…). Help us, Jesus, to root our identity in You so that we cannot be shaken when the Enemy comes to whisper pretty temptations or ugly lies.

Grant us brotherhood so that we may keep each other accountable. Help us to lift each other up.

We thank You, God, that You are Healer, Father, Provider, Sustainer, Rescuer, Friend, and the Great I Am.

We praise You.

We stand in awe of Your wonders and we wait expectantly for what You will do next.

In Jesus’s name we pray.