Esther 3-4
Job 29
Galatians 3

Today’s readings come from some of my favorite books in the Bible!

About four years ago I was in an online Bible study and we read through the book of Esther. It was in this study that I learned SOAP for Bible Study notes. If you’re a journaler this method is one of my favorites for digging deeper into Scripture.


I want to challenge you to do this exercise for one of the following passages:

Esther 4:14
Job 29:2-6
Galatians 3:3
Galatians 3:14

I’ll do an example for you!

S: So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith. Galatians 3:26
O: In this letter to the church in Galatia Paul is concerned with how the people are relying on works instead of faith. He spends Galatians 3 reminding the Galatians that it is through faith that we are saved, not the Law.

A: I struggle with perfectionism in certain areas of my life. I worry quite often that I am not “enough.” Good enough, strong enough, smart enough, etc… But who am I not enough for? This world? For me? The way I am looking at this passage today I am reminded that my “enoughness” does not depend on anything because I am God’s beloved through my faith–not by anything I do. If it is by this free gift of faith that I am God’s beloved, then what am I trying to earn by being “enough” for someone else? Where am I looking to if I am afraid that I am not enough? I have a feeling it is not to the Cross nor to the Kingdom if I am worrying.

P: Father God, I thank You so much for this humble reminder and the opportunity to share Your grace and love. I ask, Papa God, that you be with me in the dark moments where I fear I am not enough. I pray, Lord Jesus, You strengthen my spirit and remind me that You are with me no matter the circumstances. I commit my work, and my life, to You. I pray you make my path very straight and guide me to hear Your voice above any other. I praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made as Your daughter. I love You with all that I am and I pray with great thanksgiving and praise in Jesus’s name. Amen.

Many Blessings,