2 Chronicles 4-6     Job 20     1 Corinthians 14

Review:  The alter is cast in bronze (4:1-5)…Furnishings are made of gold (4:6-8)…The entrance doors are covered in bronze (4:9-10)…Master craftsman Huram performed most of the work (4:11-16)…The alter is covered in gold and some silver (4:17-22, 5:1)…The Ark was carried by hand by the Levites from the City of David to its resting place within the Temple (5:2-7)…This Holy Place consisted of the Ark, inside it two 10 Commandment Tablets, its poles were covered by the cherubim (5:8-10)…All of these proceedings were accomplished by sacrifices, feasts, and music (5:11-14) as the Shekinah glory filled the Temple…Solomon addressed the assembly (6:1-11) regarding their past history which brought them to this point…Solomon issues a prayer to dedicate the Temple (6:12-40)…Ending with a benediction (6:41-42).

Analysis:  The Chronicler’s account is similar to another history (1 Kings 6-7)…Needless to say the building materials within the Temple were the best, most expensive, and precious available…These materials transformed the cut stone interior of the Temple into a jewelry box signifying Judah’s reverence for their LORD…The difference between the account in 1 Kings 8 and what we have is the Levites rather than priests (1 Kings 8:3) are enumerated (see Numbers 3:5-31)…The Temple construct was a kept promise of David (6:12-17)…A cursory understanding of OT theology, that of obedience to God’s precepts followed by blessing or disobedience followed by judgement is the essence of Solomon’s preaching (6:18-40)…This thinking, good or ill, is that it all of it comes from God, not elsewhere…What is required to adhere to OT theology is complete commitment to God, not occasional.