1 Kings 11-12

Psalm 66

Romans 3

O my Lord!  Romans 3 alone would require about a week of blogs just to skim the surface of it’s depth.  What are the benefits of being Jewish?  What then, are we as gentiles better than they?  No there are none righteous, not even one!  The Law was given to establish sin, for a man might reasonably say he knew nothing about sin, so the law was given to show mankind that he was utterly sinful, then the prophets came to declare that a savior was coming who would free man from his sin.  The savior came and was revealed as the sacrifice for sin, the righteousness of God, who Himself was the source, Jesus was God’s agent do His will and glorify Him.  Jesus is the satisfaction of God’s requirement for the payment for sin.  All the blood of all the animal sacrifices of all Israel’s history did nothing but allow God to overlook the debt that was needed to be paid. Vs. 25 “In His forbearance He passed over the sins previously committed.”  But not satisfied, until Jesus.

Vs. 26 ” For the demonstration, I say, of His righteousness at the present time, so that He, Jesus, would be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.”  Christ’s death was to glorify God, in that it declared God’s utter righteousness.  A perfect sacrifice of a perfect man as a substitution for each of us sinners was received by God the Father in that Christ was raised from the dead and made Lord over all.  Christ death exalted God’s grace in that it was given freely to mankind, initiated by and orchestrated by God alone without any cost to us.  It revealed God’s consistency from the beginning of Adam’s sin to provide for the delivery of man from his sin.  It confirms the truth of the word of God which declared through the prophets that an anointed one was coming.

Christ died a substitutionary death to satisfy God’s justice.  Therefore when we believe we admit our sin and accept that justice of God available through Christ, to be justified.  So Christ is both just and justifier of all who believe in Him.  When we believe we also glorify God in recognizing the great work He has done, which for the most part is way more difficult to grasp than this short expose.

In Joshua 7.19 Achan had kept some spoils from a battle.  Joshua called him in, he then confessed his sin, gave glory to God and then paid the price for his sin.  Thanks to Calvary we now get to skip the “pay the price for our sin” part, it’s been paid by the blood of Jesus.  Praise be to God !