1 Kings 9-10     Job 6     Romans 2

Review:  God speaks to Solomon unconditionally about the Temple (9:3) and conditionally about everything else (9:1-2, 4-9)…King Hiram of Tyre and Solomon exchange gold, cities, and building supples (9:10-14)…The extent of Solomon’s fame and holdings is substantial (9:15-28)…The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon (10:1-13)…Everything of Solomon’s is adorned in gold (10:14-23)…The wisdom of Solomon is sought by many (10:24-25)…Silver is cast aside as worthless (10:26-27)…Commerce was part of Solomon’s plans (10:28-29).

Analysis:  Apostasy, that of abandoning God, is a frequent feature of the OT…The reason is it’s such a problem for people is a prime source of help is cut-off…A contract of some sort existed between King Hiram and Solomon for time and materials (9:10-14), so true to real life…Forced labor, by the “peoples of the land, ” (9:20-21) was due to Israel’s military conquests since the time of Joshua…Sheba is envious of Solomon’s servants (10:6-9), a testament to the high standard of living level enjoyed in Jerusalem…All the good that happened to Solomon was the LORD’s response to his prayer for wisdom (3:1-13)…Some of the wealth of Solomon came by way of land trade (9:26-28), sea trade (10:22), and transportation toll taxes (10:15)…To some, Solomon’s wealth was due to God’s blessings and his choices…To others, Solomon’s wealth was due to his indulgence and greed…It depends on one’s perspective.