Today’s Guest Blogger is Bob Becker!!

Today’s Readings (all 1 link):  1 Kings 7-8, Psalm 65, Romans 1

In Kings we see that Solomon, who had been given by God (in his heart and mind), the ability to build such a great and “Holy” dwelling for the Ark of the Covenant.  This temple was the largest of large and spared no cost when it came to what went into it’s construction.  Material and size were not a concern and everything was planned out for the glory of God.  This place would be the permanent dwelling place of the Ark, containing the tables with the Ten Commandments that had been received by Moses.  Pillars set in the entry, in which all people coming into the temple would pass between, were named:  Jachin on the right and Boaz on the left… “he will establish” and “in it is strength”.  The delivering of the Ark, to the temple upon completion came with great respect from many, since it was carried out by the priests and no others and even the way that they carried the Ark was so very different, so nobody was allowed to touch the Ark.

In Psalms we hear the purpose being that of thanksgiving…  We hear the prayers thankful for growth and for the forgiveness of sins and for the clearing of the sins, as long as there is love for God by the sinner.  We also find that salvation has no boundaries and will find us because of God’s ability as long as people continue to come to him.  How great are the things that are seen on this earth:  mountains, seas, animals and even the skies in all their beauty. These were all made by God, because of his infinite power and love.  We also know that what God wants to grow, grows and what God wants to be dormant will lay dormant.  These are all accomplished through us in ways that we help with the growing of all living things while we are here, but it is only because of God’s power that it grows.

In Romans we hear how Paul comes out to say the he is proud to be a servant of God and that is because it is God’s idea that he is a servant.  Paul tells us that he is always thankful for others that have chosen to spread their faith in the Lord, even though sometimes they will sacrifice many things, up to including their lives for their faith.  Paul also tells us that we need to see and appreciate the power all around us that God has given us, always be thankful to him for what we have. Paul also touches upon the ways in which we were given the ability to serve upon other things other than God, especially in terms of passions that are outside the honorable relationships we should have with each other while on this earth.  Paul states in this chapter that we should know and follow what is right with God in order to have the eternal life in him and not in death.

In looking at these passages today, how are you doing with building your temple for God?  Are you bringing the best material to him or to others around you, in order to build more “Temples” in others, that house the true love of God reaching others around YOUR world?  When you look at the things that we have on our planet and see the greatness in each, do you ever think about… How incredible is God for giving this to us?  How can I thank him today for what we have and how we can bring others to it in his glory? Maybe the next time you see that incredible sunset or sunrise, will you Thank God for giving you another day here to do what he has given you to do with what he has planned for you to do.  Like Paul says… Do what is right by God and he will acknowledge your love for him.

I pray for you all today my brothers and sisters…

Build for God…  He Deserves OUR very Best!