1 Samuel 19-21

Ecclesiastes 10. 19- 20

Acts 10

Life is filled with prejudices, we all are prejudiced toward the way we understand life.  In our American society we have many variables, such as city dwellers versus suburban dwellers, versus country living.  Some have never owned a car while others can’t understand life with out one, while still others only see the need for a pickup truck.  There are preferences for higher education, versus only practical intelligence.  Some see art as an expression of the soul, while others only want an exact replication of the object or scene.   Then there are the races, some prefer their color of skin versus all others,  their culture and style of life versus all others.  Money separates people, those who have an abundance prefer the company of only those people who have as much as they do.  While reverse is true also, a poor man does not enjoy hanging with any one who isn’t struggling also.  Blue collar, versus white collar, versus no collar.  Political parties separate people, I don’t understand people who see life differently than I do.  Music is a great divider, humor sets people apart, styles, jobs, neighborhoods, all speak of differences amongst us.

King Saul was the first Israelite royalty, God warned Israel about what that would be like.  He became the first ruling class they knew.  He loved the power, the freedom from labor, the vast wealth, the praise, everything it brought about.  The violation of God’s rules for him were incidental to him because of his position.  He alone could decide that it was a small matter to offer a sacrifice in place of the Priest,  who alone was responsible for that duty. Deciding to not fully obey God’s command concerning King Agag and his choicest spoils was of little concern to him, he was the king. All others, including the Lord God Jehovah should surely understand.  Then fears set in that He might not be all that secure in his position, and David becomes the focus of his prejudices.  David is the enemy who threatens his domain.

Acts 10- Peter has lived his entire life as a Hebrew, one of the chosen people of Jehovah.  No other people enjoy this position and standing.  Even though they are currently occupied as a nation by the devils known as the Romans, it is surely only time before God will set them free.  All other nations are so insignificant they are grouped together and known only as gentiles. God opens Peters eyes.  The gentiles too, are worth much to God who gave His only son to redeem them also.

He, God, loves  without prejudices.  All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  All are in need of salvation, love, forgiveness of sins, acceptance, and redemption.  Even gentiles, even people who are so vastly different than we are, who think differently, act differently, and look differently.  It seems so obvious, but prejudices do get in the way of even we who are so enlightened.  Let us love as Jesus loved, without prejudice.