1 Samuel 16-18     Psalm 51     Acts 9

Review:  Samuel goes to Bethlehem to search out and anoint Saul’s successor (16:1-5)…Of Jesse’s sons, the LORD chooses the least likely David (16:6-13)…Troubled Saul (16:14-16) seeks some diversionary music; this is the start of Saul’s and David’s relationship (16:17-23)…The Philistines encamp against Israel (17:1-3)…The giant, all 10′ of him, challenges Israel to a duel (17:4-11)…David, Saul’s court musician, is available for duty (17:12-16)…David observes the Philistines (17:17-30)…David informs Saul that he is up to Goliath’s challenge, with God’s help (17:31-37)…David falls Goliath (17:38-58)…Jonathan and David develop a friendship (18:1-4) that will become critical later on…Saul’s jealousy drives his murder attempt of David (18:5-16)…David marries Saul’s daughter, Michal (18:17-30).

Analysis:  What God sees versus what we see (16:7) is among the most hopeful passages in our Bible…The Spirit coming and staying (16:13) with David, through thick and thin, is a precursor to Christianity…With the completion of the anointing of David by Samuel, it is simply a matter of time and political intrigue before David becomes king…In simplest terms Saul and Israel lived in mortal fear of the Philistines (17:11)…Eliab’s reprimanding of David (17:28-30) is what one would expect of an eldest brother vs. his youngest brother…It’s what my childhood was guilty of, as often as I was able…Typically, the conflict between David and Goliath is presented as a match of unequals…In fact, David held a distinct advantage with his rock and sling (Judges 20:14-16, 2 Chr. 26:11-15)… By getting off a quick shot before Goliath protected himself (17:28-29) the conflict ended before it should have really begun…David’s need of God was not due to his lack of size or for any weakness; rather it is to enable David to do something that is well within his capabilities.  It is more than possible that he was highly practiced…David’s ascension is brought about by the vacuum left by Saul’s failings…Envy (18:8-9) as a motivator is human nature at it’s worst…Saul hopes in David’s demise in the foreskin collection/marriage of daughter saga (18:20-27)…The Philistines are vanquished, leaving Saul with a more immediate enemy to deal with – David (18:28-30).